How was Swaroopa born?

I started my writing journey as a result of an epiphany in 2017. I was in the middle of a deepest midlife identity crisis with my career of biotechnology, which just shut down and came to an end around 2015. I had spent around 30 years getting education, research experience and associated Masters (three, OMG!!!) degrees. All suddenly became superfluous and pointless. I was even going through the tunnel of darkness called - The dark night of the Soul! After every kind of mind tussle, I just gave up totally- 'No career for the rest of my life'.

Then, as if by pure grace or random chance- a question bubbled up- 'Have you ever considered your spiritual gifts'? Just one question. That is it. Due to some grace, I was able to capture that thought.

What should I do? Should I start a YouTube channel? Nope. Too self-conscious. May be Instagram? But I am 47 years of age, too old to be hip. Facebook page? Okay, I can take that. But in that I can't put 1500 to 3000 letter posts. May be a blog? How about try my hand at writing?

Oh, I feel terrified. My knees are shaking and I can feel sweat accumulating near my temples. But one life. If I don't do anything now, what if I regret at 70 years that I never took that chance? So, why not give it a try? With terrified hands I wrote my first blog. On the day, just with a click of a button I published. My stomach was filled with butterflies or was it knots? No clue. I felt my heart would almost tear out of my chest due to the pounding. A Google blogger in 2017. Along with that I took a Facebook page, Swaroopa as well!

Now, 2018 rolled in. How should I popularize my blog? Should I give some money to a marketing agency? But why not try something else? What? One day, while Googling for something, what is this first link saying. Quora? What? I have never heard such a thing. What is this? A question- answer forum. What? Should I jump in and write an answer and see? Really? Would I be wasting my time?

But I have my spiritual gifts and so many people need answers, guidance and someone to hold a lamp, in case they want a slight light on their life path. I also know Vedic astrology, philosophy and Vedic spirituality. Why not give it a try? To write or not to write, that is the question. That, later led to Quora answers, my own website ( as well as an online store (Swaroopa Services) where I do mentoring, guidance, business consultations and Vedic astrology readings.

After three years of tinkering at this, thought, why not write a nice write-up on her birth? Graced! Namosthu Bhadre!

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