A few words about myself...

Swaroopa is my pen name. My Earth name is Jayasree. My education is in Biotechnology and Cancer research. I have spent around twenty- five years on the same. But even before branching into that I was always interested in Hindu or Vedic mythology and stories. I remember my younger days reading the Amar Chitrakatha- the comic books that depicted stories from Hindu mythology. Like that I was interested in the 'Thousand Arabian nights' as well as 'Aithihyamala' (Garland of history) by Kottarathil Shankunni.

The Gods, Goddesses, and deities always had a special place in my heart. Later in my twenties I came across 'Jyothisha' (Study of light, nowadays known as Vedic astrology) or Indian Astrology when my dad bought a book. It was a very simple straight forward book in Malayalam. It became my hobby whenever I got time to peruse. Later when I moved to another country, suddenly I found much more time in my hand as I was not able to pursue Biotechnology due to work visa issues. I was on a dependent visa. Suddenly no laboratory, but just a computer, internet and a whole lot of time. I used to browse Astrology sites for hours and hours. Even then Biotechnology was strong in my mind. Many million gaps, breaks, limited term projects, resumes, recruiters. cover letters, career fairs and more, I realized I am doing something wrong.

After enough contemplation, nature walks and thought process, I surrendered to the Divine intelligence. Send out a query- 'What am I doing wrong?' I waited patiently for a response. After a few weeks a simple question came up in my mind. 'Have you ever considered your spiritual gifts?' No, I hadn't till then. I realized my heart was always in Hindu mythology, Indian astrology, guiding, helping, and mentoring people. I had always helped my family and friends for some twenty years without ever realizing. Now the divine is guiding me to share my gifts with the world. So, in 2017, I started my blog Swaroopa. In 2018, I started answering as Swaroopa on Quora. In 2019, here I am writing an about section for my entrepreneurship-Swaroopa.

A gift is bestowed on a person by the supreme intelligence to use it towards oneself and later to help others. It is never supposed to be hoarded and kept hidden. Yes, I hid it for some 15-20 years being the Scientist, I was. But now I can't hide it anymore. I have seen enough people roaming the jungle of their own life without a way out. So, it becomes my duty to shine a torch so that they are able to walk their path for themselves. So, this Swaroopa website is an attempt towards that.

My intuition says the Divine is solidly behind me, supporting me in this endeavor. The Sunlight streaming through my window is a proof towards that. The guidance I would be giving is from my studies, education, intuition and the grace. So, the words would be of the Divine. I would be the bridge helping to bring that information to the needed Soul who is approaching me for help. Let me be the vessel through whom the Divine knowledge of ancient wisdom flow through. May the divine will prevail. All the very best. Namaste! Swaroopa.