What is Swaroopa?

My pen name is Swaroopa, and my Earth name is Jayasree.

In the year 2017, when my career stopped working, I was made aware through an epiphany that I have spiritual gifts and insights to share. At that point in my life, my former career of science and biotechnology had lost its charm, and I felt something was off or not right. The epiphany came as a simple thought — “Have you ever considered your spiritual gifts?” The thought bubbling up brought me a new, deeper clarity to my awareness.

The point is — I was always involved in the spiritual and philosophical as a hobby, something I did just to relax. Until then, it had never occurred to me that this interest could develop into a career or, more than that, a way of life. Pursuing Vedic astrology as a tool to mentor others, I had already guided and mentored many people. My logical mind had not taken this truth into account, and I was clueless about it.

In 2017, my higher Self was just making me aware that, instead of doing it as a hobby or past-time, why not take it very seriously. After around six months of self-reflection and contemplation, I took up my pen and started writing my blog. It took shape quickly, and, after five years, it now stands at 200+ blog posts.

After two to three years of writing, my heart again prodded me to do more — to start a spirituality based mentoring business as, in the previous twenty years, I had come across many humans who were struggling to find their own Authentic Self or Swaroopa. Often, the family, society and the greater world come into our life and tries to regulate or mold our perspectives, thoughts and ideas according to the current societal dynamics. Aligning to this greater influence, humans slowly let go of the essence of who they truly are. This Swaroopa, or inner nature of who one truly is, gets lost in the noise of the modern life. Eventually, the person gets lost to themselves and becaomes a shadow of their former essence.

My intention and objective for the business, social-media writing as well as the blog, is to mentor and guide people to find their truest Self and voice, so that they can be exactly who they are meant to be and embrace the highest inner potential they can achieve. Towards this purpose, I would like to use my spiritual gifts, insights and intuition, so that this world finds much more happier, content and successful people. Doing so would also help make the Earth a much more joyful place to be. Thank you for taking the time to read my ideas and perspectives. Namaste!